Ease supply of Foodstuffs

A leading Saudi company in the wholesale import, sale, and distribution of foodstuffs, it was founded in 2021. The company owns the Easy Supply brand and seeks to provide high-quality products at competitive prices for all business sectors in Saudi Arabia

;The company covers a wide range of food products, including

Basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, flour, oil and salt

Poultry, meat and fish products

Dairy and cheese products

Bakery and dessert products

Beverage products

In addition to food products, the company also provides a variety of non-food products, including

Consumables such as soap, detergents, cleaning tools

Catering and hotel supplies

Bakery supplies

The company has an extensive network of distribution centers across Saudi Arabia, ensuring its products reach all customers as quickly as possible

Ease of Supply for Foodstuffs seeks to expand its exports to Gulf countries and the Middle East, by signing agreements with commercial companies in those countries


To be the leader in the import, sale, and distribution of foodstuffs in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and the Middle East


Providing high-quality products at competitive prices, providing outstanding services to our customers, and supporting the national economy






Social responsibility